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25. November 2018

Piazzola Four Seasons (spring)  

RAMA Symfonisk Sal, Musikhuset Aarhus


8th December 2018

Bach & Arvo Pärt 

Aarhus Musikhus Lille Sal 19:30

6th April 2019

Bellbird Chamber Orchestra

PREMIERE of Tan Hao Tuan's 

"The Startled Bird Lands Again"

for solo violin and chamber orchestra 


Vaughan Williams 'The Lark Ascending'

Aarhus Kunsthal 20:00



27th April 2019

Solo Bach

Skt. Lukas Kirke, Aarhus



SpaceHouse Series CPH Jazz Festival


7th july

The Bauhaus Project

9th July

Hess/AC/Hess Spacelab + Strings

14th July 

Balling/Opsahl INVENTIONS



2th September


at Kunstakademiets arkitektskole


7-9th September

Tour with Jacob Anderskov and strings

Faroe Islands

11th September

Nikolaj Hess + Strings


13th September

Hannah Schneider 'Alfabetet'

Reykjavik, Island

15.-16th September 2019

Aarhus Kammermusikfestival


12th October

The Bauhaus Project

Designmuseum Danmark


16th November 2019

Debut Concert 

Symfonisk sal

Royal Academy, Aarhus

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