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the house festival is a multi-genre festival created by cellist Maria Edlund, artist Jan Balling and violinist Cæcilie Balling. it figurated in 2017 and 2018 as summer and winter edition. 

it took place in beautiful the old gas factory in Aarhus Havn, that had ben artist atelier for more than 30 years, but had to close down due to renovations in the harbour.


the festival composer Chistian Balvig, wrote two concert installations 'Rummenes Ekko' and 'Mixing' for the house, and 'Nat' string sextet for the winter edition. 

the festival curated artists as:

Jakob Bangsø

Nikolaj Hess

Lo Ersare

Jonas Due

Yngvild Vivja Haaland Ruud

Kasper Staub Trio

I Think You Are Awesome 

Jór Saxophone Quartet 


Andreas Brantelid

Elisabeth Westenholz

Jonas Visti

Eline Soelmark & Schmutzige Kapelle


African Footprint


Táiga String Quartet

Kirstine Schneider

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