debut plakat, ENDELIG.jpg

Debut concert

16th November 2019

kl. 19:30

Århus Musikhus, Symfonisk Sal


J.S Bach

Chaccone ​from d minor partita no. 2

Balling/Opsahl INVENTIONS duo

Manipulation and improvisation with J.S Bach


violin: Cæcilie Balling

cello: Josefine Opsahl


Concertiono for Solo Violin, String Orchestra, Drum and Bass

by Nikolaj Hess  (premiere!)

Read about Nikolaj Hess

Conductor: Carsten Seyer

Drums: Mikkel Hess

Bass: Anders 'AC' Christsenen 

George Enescu

String Octet in C major

violin: Cæcilie Balling

violin: Kirstine Schneider

violin: Kern Westerberg

violin: Josefine Dalsgård

viola: Jakup Lutzen

viola: Marthe Husum

cello: Johan Krarup

cello Cheu-Geun Park